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New CNG Stations Commissioned at Amroha and Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. Click here for more details.
CNG prices have been revised w.e.f 1st June 2023. Click here for the current prices.
A New CNG Station Commissioned at Jupidi, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh Click here for more details.


HSE Policy

We are committed to fullfill all HSE legal requirments,compliance obligations and other requirements viz customer,society and other

CNG Do's and Dont's


  • Always ensure that installing / servicing the CNG kit is done through authorized workshop.
  • Hydro testing of CNG cylinder must be done every three years
  • Get the vehicle thoroughly checked by an authorized workshop every year
  • Always keep the certificate of CNG kit and cylinder
  • Keep a portable fire extinguisher and first aid box in the vehicle.


  • Do not install LPG, Propane or any other cylinder in place of a CNG cylinder
  • Do not start the vehicle while the filling is under progress.
  • Do not use mobile phones near CNG filling area.
  • Do not use any naked flame near CNG filling area.
  • Don't use unrelated fire extinguishers

PNG Do's and Dont's


  • Use only approved gas appliances.
  • Connect the gas appliances and valves correctly
  • Smell gas Keep the window open & exhaust fan on while using the gas stove
  • Turn off the appliance valve when the gas is not in use & turnoff the isolation valve when long vacations
  • Check & replace the rubber tube if required Recommended to use ISI marked
  • Check & maintain the set up regularly
  • Any gas leak observed in your premises inform Megha gas number 040-46565555


  • Do not use LPG cylinder in PNG burner
  • Do not tamper with the PNG Pipe line
  • For any PNG Pipe line repair work inform MEGHA Gas & get your work done through MEGHA Gas Technicians after checking its identity
  • Do not bring any burning object near the PNG Pipe line & meter
  • Do not leave the gas stove unattended after use.
  • Do not use any spray cans or cleaning solvents and leave any paper or clothe near gas appliances.
  • Don’t lit fire on dry grass nearby Pipe line existence


Information contained in this MSDS is believed to be reliable but no representation, guarantee or warrantee of any kind are made as to its accuracy, stability for a particular application or result to be obtained for them. It is up to the manufacturer or seller to ensure that the information contained in the MSDS is relevant to the product manufactured or sold by him as the case may be.The Megha Gas makes no warranties expressed or implied in respect of the adequacy of this document for any particular purpose.

Safety Events

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