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Q1. What is PNG?

Ans. Piped Natural Gas (PNG) is mainly methane – CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of carbon to hydrogen is least in methane and hence it burns almost completely making it the cleanest fuel. It is procured from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines across the country.

Q2. What is the difference between PNG and LPG?

Ans. LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas and PNG is Piped Natural Gas. LPG comes in cylinders of different capacity. PNG is supplied through pipeline directly to your kitchen.

Q3. How is PNG better than LPG?

Ans. PNG has several advantages over LPG and offers unmatched convenience.

  • Continuous and uninterrupted supply - PNG will be supplied to your house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all through the year at your control. No monthly booking challenges as in case of cylinders.
  • Safety - PNG is absolutely safe. PNG is lighter than air & instantaneously mixes with air and evaporates, in case of any leakage. However, LPG is heavier than air, and so, in case of any leakage, it will settle down in the surroundings, with higher chances of fire from the cylinder.
  • Clutter free and space free - The LPG cylinder occupies space in the kitchen. However, PNG is supplied through a half-inch pipeline which occupies almost close to negligible space when set up and is more aesthetic.
  • Consumption based billing - Pay for what you use. In case of PNG, you have to pay as per the consumption based on meter reading.
  • A greener fuel - As the ratio of carbon to hydrogen is least in methane, this makes PNG one of the cleanest fuel. Let’s do our bit for the environment.
Q4. What changes are required for conversion of a LPG appliance to PNG?

Ans. PNG works on a cooking appliance just like LPG does. Converting an existing LPG appliance to a PNG friendly one is done by trained MCGDPL technicians.

Q1. How do I register for a new connection?

Ans. To register for a new connection request, customers may use following options:

  • Register Online on our website or download our App
  • Call our 24 Hrs. Toll Free No. 040 46565555 / 040 69085555
  • Visit any MCGDPL Walk-in Centre near you.
  • Doorstep facility through MCGDPL authorised personnel.
    Note:Providing PNG Connection is subject to company's rollout plan in the authorized GAs and network availability at respective location.
Q2. What are steps involved in providing a new connection?

Ans. A new connection shall be provided in below steps majorly.

  1. Application or Registration for new connection with base minimum payment
  2. CRN number generation.
  3. Site Inspection and feasibility check.
  4. GI pipe, regulator and meter installation.
  5. Once the meter is installed, thereafter gas stove is connected to main pipeline through a valve and gas regulator
  6. A new gas stove or existing one running on LGP many require nozzle conversion for usage of PNG.
Q3. What are the possible reasons for my application to be rejected?

Ans. An application for new connection may be rejected due to reasons including but not limited to following:

  1. Documents not complete or incorrect ownership proof
  2. Wrong / incorrect information regarding address and contact details.
  3. The locality does not have pipeline as of now.
  4. Dues on premises not paid /cleared off by previous user.
  5. Technical reasons for connections not feasible.
  6. Initial payments for application not cleared.
Q4. Can I get the connection, if I live in a rented house?

Ans. Yes, you can have a connection even if you live in a rented house. If tenant wants to apply for new PNG connection on in his/her name, then tenant has to get the No Objection Certificate of registration form signed by the lawful owner of the premise or provide a valid rent agreement. In case of valid rent agreement with the lawful owner of the premise there is no requirement of NOC.

Q5. Can I have 2 connections in the same house?

Ans. Yes, you can have 2 connections in the same house.

Q6. What are the documents required for new connection?

Ans. Enclosed documents are required along with MCGDPL Application form.

  1. Copy of Ownership Proof such as Electricity Bills/House Tax Receipt/Sales Deed/Allotment letter
  2. Id Proof such as Aadhar Card/ Voter Id card/Driving License/Passport
  3. In case of tenant NOC required or Rent agreement along with address proof (above mentioned)
Q7. What are the charges for new connection?

Ans. MCGDPL offers different schemes area wise from time to time which can be referred in PNG section at

Q1. How do I know my meter number?

Ans. The meter installed at your premises has meter number written on it. The same should match with meter number mentioned on your bill.

Q2. What is the frequency of meter reading and what is my billing cycle?

Ans. It happens once in every 2 months i.e. Bi-monthly by MCGDPL authorized representative. We have Bi-monthly Billing Cycle i.e. once in every two months.

Q3. There was Note at my door saying “We Missed You”. What does it mean?

Ans. If the meter reading could not be collected as the premises was locked or for any other reason. In such case, you may perform Self Billing through MeghaGas App (available on Google Play store or Apple i-store) or can share the meter reading on the WhatsApp No. mentioned on the Note.

Q4. Can I do self-submission of reading for billing?

Ans. Yes. We offer a facility known as “Self-Billing” through our MeghaGas App available on Android Play store or iOS Appstore. You need to submit meter reading and upload meter picture to initiate billing all by yourself.

Q5. How to read the meter? Which digits to note.

Ans. The meter digit is in 2 parts black and red. The Black part denotes the whole number and Red part denotes the decimal number.

Q6. The meter reading on my bill is wrong. What should I do?

Ans. Please call our 24x7 Customer Care and share the meter reading details and raise a complaint. Same shall be resolved in no time.

Q7. What is the system of billing?

Ans. Our billing is based on the photo-based meter reading, taken by the authorized MCGDPL representative once in two months for the domestic consumers. Alternatively, you can help us with Self billing too, by uploading meter reading through our MeghaGas Consumer App.

Q8. What unit of measurement is used?

Ans. Gas consumption is measured in SCM (Standard Cubic Meter)

Q9. What are the different components of bill?

Ans. Total bill payable mainly comprises of Consumption Charges (units consumed X applicable rates), Taxes+ Arrears (if any) + LPC (if any) + Adjustment (if any), EMI and Fixed Rental. Refer sample Bill copy for more details and clarity.

Q10. How do I get my bills?

Ans. You can choose to get either E bill or the hard copy as per your preference. Having a thrust on Environmental concerns, we request customers to choose E Bills, wherein you would receive your gas bill on registered mail id. Alternatively, you can view and pay the bill through MeghaGas app/website at your fingertips. Please ensure your contact number and Email id is updated for seamless bill delivery.

Q11. What is E bill?

Ans. It is paper less bill. You can now receive the invoice on your E-mail Id by registering for E-Bill. By doing this. you can reduce the paper wastage and help us to save the environment.

Q12. What is Average/Estimated bill? How is it calculated?

Ans. Estimated bill is raised when, due to some reasons, the actual reading is not available. This provisional bill will be based on the average consumption in past months where in reading was taken. However, the current amount of provisional bill if found excess is adjusted automatically in next actual reading based bill.

Q13. Are estimated bill payable?

Ans. Yes, it can be paid and adjustments shall be provided on providing actual meter reading.

Q14. LPC stands for?

Ans. LPC means Late Payment Charge applicable due to non-payment of bill within the due date. Its levied at 2 % of the outstanding amount.

Q15. If the premises are vacant, can I avail a "Not in Use" facility? Is it beneficial to the customer?

Ans. Yes, it is always advisable to place a request at MCGDPL customer Care for Temporary disconnection, when you are away for few months. This is also important from safety perspective. After temporary disconnection your bill as on date will be generated.For a TD request Call at our 24X7 Toll Free 040 46565555 / 040 69085555 No bill would be generated until restoration.

Q16. I have not received my bill; how can I get a duplicate copy?

Ans. To view any type of billing information, we provide below choices.

  1. Customer can simply log on to and enter required details and fetch the bill.
  2. Alternatively please call our call centre and request for a duplicate bill.
Q17. What is Minimum Consumption charge on my bill?

Ans. In case consumption in a bi- monthly billing cycle is less than 4 scm, consumer is liable to pay minimum charges equivalent to 4 scm value in 60 days.

Q18. My meter reading on the bill is wrong/ high?

Ans. Please register a complaint either at call centre /through MeghaGas consumer app or online with clear details of current meter reading. We will investigate and correct if any discrepancy is found.

Q19. When connection is liable for disconnection.?

Ans. The connection is liable for disconnection if the dues are not cleared within the bill due date. Connection shall be restored post payment of outstanding amount along other applicable charges as per the tariff card.

Q.1 What is the current price of Domestic PNG?

Ans. Please click on the link to see the current prices of PNG in your area
Q.2 Does Domestic PNG price change?

Ans. Yes. Depending on market situation PNG prices are subject to change State-wise. Same is updated on our website as and when the price is changed.

Q.3. How do I know if there is a price change?

Ans. If there is a price change then price revision intimations are given via SMS/Email/Website for all customers

Q.4 After a price change, how will my billing be done?

Ans. After a price change, you will be billed on pro-rata basis. Your invoice will show both the old and new prices for your reference.

Q.5. How can I pay my bill?

Ans. We have multiple easy payment options:

Online Choices
  • ayment through Debit/Credit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • UPI/Bharat QR codes/PayTm/GooglePay/PhonePe on MCGDPL Website or Mobile App.
Offline Modes
  • POS payment facility at MCGDPL Walk-in Centres.
  • Prepaid Smart Card at CNG stations
  • Cash payments at branches of IDBI Bank
  • Cheque/DD at designated drop boxes.
Q.6. Where can I drop my cheque? Cheque payment to be done in favour of?

Ans. You can drop your cheque at any of the conveniently located conventional drop boxes and follow instructions given on the bill while issuing the Cheque for payment. You can also visit your nearest MCGDPL centre for depositing cheque. Cheque/DD is to be drawn in favour of “Megha City Gas Distribution Private Limited”
To know more about the location of nearest drop box or MCGDPL Centre, Call our 24 Hrs Toll Free No. 040 46565555 / 040 69085555

Q.7. Where can I deposit cash against my bill payment?

Ans. Cash Payments can be made at MCGDPL offices ONLY. For more information please Call our 24 Hrs. Toll Free No. 040 46565555 / 040 69085555

Q.8 Whom can I approach to register my payment related complaint?

Ans. A customer can register his/her complaints through the following options:

  • Megha Gas Mobile App
  • Complaint through website
  • Call at our 24X7 Toll free number 040 46565555 / 040 69085555
Q.9 When will my online payment be updated in my account?

Ans. Online payment shall be reflected in your account within 48 hrs hours of payment.

Q.10 I made a payment through drop box but the invoice is showing unpaid, what should I do?

Ans. The cheque realisation require 8-10 days. Please register a complaint at our customer care number with payment details i.e. date, cheque number, bank details etc.

Q.11 Why my payment is not reflected though I have paid?

Ans. Payment transaction details has been provided by the service provider. It takes 2-3 business days for payment to be reflected in our system. You can check after 2-3 days, if your payment is still pending then you can register a complaint at our call center Toll free number 040 46565555 / 040 69085555.

Last Updated Date : 17-02-2023